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format englannista suomeksi

  1. alustaa, formatoida

  2. laittaa järjestykseen

  3. muoto

  4. formaatti, koko

  5. muotoilla

  1. Substantiivi

  2. muoto, formaatti

  3. esitysmuoto, muoto, formaatti; ohjelmaformaatti specifically of radio or TV program

  4. tietomuoto, tallennusmuoto, tiedostomuoto, formaatti

  5. Verbi

  6. muotoilla

  7. formatoida

  8. alustaa, formatoida

format englanniksi

  1. The layout of a publication or document.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. The form of presentation of something.

  4. The type of programming that a station broadcasts; such as a certain genre of music, news, sports, talk, etc.

  5. (ux)

  6. A type.

  7. To create or edit the layout of a document.

  8. Change a document so it will fit onto a different type of page.

  9. To prepare a mass storage medium for initial use, erasing any existing data in the process.

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  11. (ca-verb form of)

  12. format.

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  15. (inflection of)

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  17. a (l)

  18. (verbal noun of)

  19. envy, jealousy

  20. 8th century, s:St. Patrick's Breastplate|St. Patrick's Breastplate

  21. (lang)
    : When anyone shall repeat it every day with diligent intentness on God, devils shall not dare to face him, it shall be a protection to him against every poison and envy, it shall be a defence to him against sudden death, it shall be a corslet to his soul after his death.
  22. (RQ:sga-gloss)

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  24. (l), size

  25. (l), type

  26. template

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  28. (sv-adj-form-abs-indef-n)

  29. (sv-verb-form-sup)