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cumbersome englannista suomeksi

  1. hankalasti käsiteltävä, hankala, rasittava, vaivalloinen

  2. epäkäytännöllinen

  1. vaivalloinen, hankala

  2. kömpelö, hankalasti käsiteltävä">hankalasti käsiteltävä, hankalakäyttöinen

  3. vaivalloinen, rasittava

  4. kömpelö

cumbersome englanniksi

  1. Burdensome or hindering, as a weight or drag; vexatious

  2. (quote-book)|title=Francesca Carrara|volume=3|page=54|text="You can throw off your cumbersome disguise here," said Lucy, though the words could scarcely be distinguished, from her excessive agitation, Evelyn hastily caught up a cloak and cap laid ready for him, and a few minutes brought them into the sitting-room.

  3. Not easily managed or handled; awkward; clumsy.

  4. ''Cumbersome machines can endanger operators and slow down production.''

  5. Hard, difficult, demanding to handle or get around with.

  6. ''A slaves' work was as cumbersome as toiling on the fields, or in the mines.''

  7. Inert, lumbering, slow in movement