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breathe englannista suomeksi

  1. hengittää

  2. hengähtää

  3. poistaa

  4. olla hengissä

  5. puhaltaa

  6. hiiskua

  7. henkiä, huokua

  1. Verbi

  2. hengittää

  3. hengittää, hengittää sisään">hengittää sisään

  4. hengittää, hengittää ulos">hengittää ulos

  5. henkäillä

  6. henkiä

  7. kuiskata hiljaa">kuiskata hiljaa

  8. hengähtää

  9. antaa hengähtää">antaa hengähtää

  10. elää ja hengittää

breathe englanniksi

  1. (top) To draw air into (inhale), and expel air from (exhale), the lungs in order to extract oxygen and excrete waste gases.

  2. To take in needed gases and expel waste gases in a similar way.

  3. (ux)

  4. To inhale (a gas) to sustain life.

  5. To live.

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  8. Breathes there a man with soul so dead?
  9. To draw something into the lungs.

  10. To expel air from the lungs, exhale.

  11. To exhale or expel (something) in the manner of breath.

  12. 2012, Timothy Groves, ''The Book Of Creatures'' ((ISBN)), page 85:

  13. Mountain Drakes breathe fire, Ice Drakes breathe ice, Swamp Drakes breathe acid, and Forest Drakes breathe lightning.
  14. To give an impression of, to exude.

  15. To whisper quietly.

  16. To pass like breath; noiselessly or gently; to emanate; to blow gently.

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  19. To inspire (scripture).

  20. 1850, John Howard Hinton, ''On the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures. A lecture, etc'', page 16:

  21. The affirmation before us, then, will be, "All scripture is divinely breathed."
  22. 1917, J. C. Ferdinand Pittman, ''Bible Truths Illustrated: For the Use of Preachers, Teachers, Bible-school, Christian Endeavor, Temperance and Other Christian Workers'', page 168:

  23. (..) that God, who breathed the Scriptures, "cannot lie," (..)
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  25. Paul says that since God breathed the Scriptures, they are therefore useful; he did not put it the other way around (i.e., that they are useful, therefore inspired).
  26. To exchange gases with the environment.

  27. To rest; to stop and catch one's breath.

  28. Thus they fought stylle withoute ony reposynge two owres, and never brethid(nb..).-->
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  31. Well! breathe awhile, and then to it again!
  32. To stop, to give (qualifier) an opportunity to catch its breath.

  33. To exercise; to tire by brisk exercise.

  34. To passionately devote much of one's life to (an activity, etc.).