suomi-englanti sanakirja

alma englanniksi

  1. An Egyptian singer or dancing-girl employed for entertainment or as a professional mourner.

  2. soul

  3. apple

  4. (inflection of)

  5. soul (of a living person)

  6. soul

  7. (roa-opt-cite-cantigas)

  8. e logo chegar..a alma tomar demões q̇ a leuarõ. mui toſte ſẽ tardar
    : and soon devils arrived, seizing the soul, and took it very quickly without delay
  9. 1913, Pessoa|Fernando Pessoa, sino da minha aldeia|“Ó sino da minha aldeia”:

  10. Ó sino da minha aldeia, / Dolente na tarde calma, / Cada tua badalada / Soa dentro da minha alma.
    : Oh bell of my village, / Lazy in this peaceful afternoon, / Each one of your tollings / Resounds in my soul.


  11. (verbal noun of)

  12. taking, up, buying

  13. (label) apple (elma is the preferred spelling in modern Turkish)