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advice englannista suomeksi

  1. neuvo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. neuvo

  3. tieto

  4. Verbi

advice englanniksi

  1. An opinion offered in an effort to be helpful.

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  4. Deliberate consideration; knowledge.

  5. c. 1589-1593, William Shakespeare, ''The Two Gentlemen of Verona''

  6. ''How shall I dote on her with more advice, That thus without advice begin to love her?''
  7. Information or news given; intelligence

  8. In language about financial transactions executed by formal documents, an advisory document.

  9. In commercial language, information communicated by letter; used chiefly in reference to drafts or bills of exchange

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  11. A communication providing information, such as how an uncertain area of law might apply to possible future actions

  12. Counseling to perform a specific legal act.

  13. Counseling to perform a specific illegal act.

  14. In aspect-oriented programming, the code whose execution is triggered when a point is reached.

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