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Commonwealth englanniksi

  1. commonwealth

  1. The of Nations, a loose confederation of nations based around the former Empire.

  2. ''Mozambique joined the Commonwealth in 1995, although it had not been a part of the British Empire.''

    ''As a Commonwealth citizen, you are eligible to vote in Kingdom elections.''

  3. The Commonwealth of England, which existed from 1649 to 1660, under Cromwell.

  4. Australia, the of Australia, (non-gloss definition)

  5. ''Mr. Martin was found guilty of defrauding the Commonwealth by making false welfare claims.''

  6. Kentucky, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, (non-gloss definition)

  7. Massachusetts, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (non-gloss definition)

  8. Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, (non-gloss definition)

  9. Virginia, the Commonwealth of Virginia, (non-gloss definition)

  10. In general, a term for a republican state.

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