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  1. Virginia

  1. Virginia

Virginia englanniksi

  1. (place).

  2. (syn)

  3. (w), a main belt asteroid.

  4. (given name).

  5. 1380s-1390s, (w), ''s:The Canterbury Tales/The Physician's Prologue and Tale|The Canterbury Tales: The Physician's Prologue and Tale''

  6. "Daughter," quoth he, "Virginia by thy name, / There be two wayes, either death or shame, / That thou must suffer, - alas that I was bore!
  7. 1840 (w), ''Poor Jack'', Chapter III,

  8. Here, in due time, she was brought to bed of a daughter, whom she christened by the name of Virginia; not so much out of respect to her last mistress, who bore that name, as because she considered it peculiarly ladylike and genteel.
  9. 1854 Sigourney|Lydia Howard Sigourney, ''The Western Home, and Other Poems'', Parry & McMillan, 1854, page 87 ,

  10. O sweet Virginia Dare! / Thou art the lily of our love, / The forest's sylph-like queen, / The first-born bud from Saxon stem / That this New World hath seen!
  11. 1956 (w), ''A Dram of Poison'', Coward-McCann, pages 164-165:

  12. She said her name was Virginia Severson. It suited her. She looked very virginal, and clean, calm, cool in a Scandinavian sort of way.
  13. Any of several places, in the States and elsewhere:

  14. (place), now (w).

  15. (place)

  16. (given name)

  17. (la-praenomen)

  18. (l) (gloss)