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vote englannista suomeksi

  1. äänestys

  2. äänivalta

  3. ehdottaa

  4. äänestää

  5. äänimäärä

  6. myöntää

  7. ääni

  8. äänet

  1. Substantiivi

  2. äänestys

  3. ääni

  4. Verbi

  5. äänestää

vote englanniksi

  1. a formalized choice on legally relevant measures such as employment or appointment to office or a proceeding about a legal dispute.

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  3. an act or instance of participating in such a choice, e.g., by submitting a ballot

  4. (quote-book)|title=“Poetry: A Metrical Essay”, republished in ''The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes''|location=Boston, Mass.:|publisher=(w)|year/1862|OCLC=5091562|pageurl=|pages=7–8|passage=There breathes no being but has some pretence / To that fine instinct called poetic sense; (..) / The freeman, casting with unpurchased hand / The vote that shakes the turrets of the land.

  5. (RQ:Birmingham Gossamer)

  6. Directive (EU) 2017/828 amending (w), recital 10:

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  9. an ardent wish or desire; a vow; a prayer

  10. 1633, (w), “Guardian (play)|The Guardian”, in ''Three New Playes; viz. The Bashful Lover, The Guardian, The Very Woman. As They have been Often Acted at the Theatre|Private-House in Black-Friers, by King's Men (playing company)|His Late Majesties Servants, with Great Applause'', London: Printed for (w), and are to be sold at his Shop at the Sign of the Prince's Arms in St Paul's Cathedral|St. Pauls Church-yard, published 1655, (w) 15553475; republished as “The Guardian. A Comical History. As It hath been Often Acted at the Private-House in Black-Friars, by His Late Majesty's Servants, with Great Applause, 1655.”, in (w), editor, ''The Works of Philip Massinger. Volume the Fourth. Containing, The Guardian. A Very Woman. The Old Law. The City Madam. And Poems on Several Occasions'', volume IV, London: Printed for Davies (bookseller)|Thomas Davies, in Russel-street, Garden|Covent-Garden, 1761, (w) 6847259, Act V, scene i, page 71:

  11. ''Jol''''ante''. In you, Sir, / I live; and when, or by the Courſe of Nature, / Or Violence you muſt fall, the End of my / Devotions is, that one and the ſame Hour / May make us fit for Heaven. // ''Server''. I join with you / In my votes that way: (..)
  12. a formalized petition or request

  13. any judgment of intellect leading to a formal opinion, a of view

  14. any judgment of intellect leading not only to a formal opinion but also to a particular choice in a legally relevant measure, a of view as published

  15. to cast a vote; to assert a formalized choice in an election

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  17. to choose or grant by means of a vote, or by general consent

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