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Baltic englannista suomeksi

  1. baltti-, balttilainen, Baltian

  2. Itämeren

  3. Baltian meri

  1. balttilainen

  2. balttilainen, baltti / baltti-

  3. Baltia

  4. balttilaiset kielet (monikko) ">balttilaiset kielet (monikko)

Baltic englanniksi

  1. Of or pertaining to the region|Baltic region or the Sea|Baltic Sea.

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  3. Of or pertaining to any of the languages|Baltic languages.

  4. Of or pertaining to the Balts (the Baltic peoples).

  5. Extremely cold.

  6. The Sea.

  7. (place).

  8. The areas on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea; the states|Baltic states

  9. (rfdate), (w), ''Importation of Foreign Corn'':

  10. It appears from the evidence, that the corn from the Baltic is often very heavily taxed, and that this tax is generally raised in proportion to our necessities.
  11. The Baltic language family; the languages|Baltic languages

  12. The (w), a membership organisation for the maritime industry.