1. harrastus jossa pukeudutaan sarjakuva-, tv-, elokuva- tai pelihahmoiksi

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  1. pukuilla.

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cosplay, pukuilu

pukuilla puhekieltä The art or practice of costume costuming oneself as a (usually fictional) character.
2003, Cosplay Girls: Japans Live Animation Heroines'':

Men, of course, also participate in cosplay and all its attending events, but women make up the greater numbers.
2006, Frenchy Lunning, Mechademia 1: Emerging Worlds of Anime And Manga, page 75:
The environments and spaces created for and by cosplay provide cosplayers with a variety of spaces for social interactions.
2010, Antonia Levi, Mark McHarry, Dru Pagliassotti, Boys Love Manga'', page 5:
It didn't take long for anime cons and cosplay to become a part of popular culture fandom in the West(..)
puhekieltä A skit or instance of this art or practice.
2010, Sarah Lynne Bowman, The Functions of Role-playing Games, page 29:
Central to the activity of cosplay is elaborate costuming, though some cosplays are enacted using a game system.
2010, Anne Cooper-Chen, Cartoon Cultures: The Globalization of Japanese Popular Media, page 121:
According to a student from France who went to Japan to study Japanese, "Universities in France are like Halloween when otaku students engage in these cosplays. They take Japanese language because of anime, but they see after a few classes that it's hard and not fun. Many drop out" (author interview, 2009).
2012, Dan Hunter, Ramon Lobato, Megan Richardson, Amateur Media: Social, cultural and legal perspectives:
Popular cosplays include, for example, characters from the Final Fantasy range of games(..)
puhekieltä To costume oneself as a character.

She cosplayed at the manga convention.

puhekieltä To costume oneself as (a character).

She cosplayed Sailor Moon at the manga convention.

(l) (gloss)
ranska cosplay (m), costumade (f)
saksa Cosplay
italia cosplay (m) (m)-p
venäjä коспле́й (m), коспле́й (m) = kosplɛ́j
ruotsi cosplay


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