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englanti A painted or embroidered linen banner, usually depicting Buddhist themes, originating in Tibet.
Thangka is an of painting unique to Tibtan Buddhism. It is usually done on linen. or on coarse wool cloth, and sometimes on silk for precious ones. The base of the painting is prepared using a paste of animal glue and fine lime. After the paste dries, carbon and paints using natural mineral and plant colors, such as yellow, mineral green, azurite and cinnabar, are applied. All the colors are mixed with animal glue and ox bile to keep them bright. The subjects of most Thanka paintings are religious, but sometimes folklore themes intrude.
A thangka is a complicated, composite three-dimensional object consisting of: a picture panel which is painted or embroidered, a textile mounting; and one or more of the following: a silk cover, leather corners, wooden dowels at the top and bottom and metal or wooden decorative knobs on the bottom dowel.
Tangka is a kind of scroll painting mounted on silk. It has distinctive ethnic features and a strong religious flavor. Its unique artistic style is highly prized by the Tibetan people. The origin of tangka can be traced back to the early Tubo Kingdom. During the 7th century…
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