1. sisäinen



  1. keskeinen, sisäinen, sisä-, sisempi, sijainti.

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sisempi, sisä-


Being or occurring (farther) inside, situated farther in, located (situated) or happening on the inside of something, situated within or farther within contained within something.


{{quote-magazine|year=2013|month=July-August|author= Stephen P. Lownie, David M. Pelz
Close to the centre, located near or closer to center.
Inside or closer to the inside of the body.
Of mind or spirit, relating to the mind or spirit, to spiritual or mental processes, mental, spiritual, relating to somebody's private feelings or happening in somebody's mind, existing as an often repressed part of one's psychological makeup.
{{quote-journal|date=May 20, 2012|author=Nathan Rabin|work=The Onion AV Club
Not obvious, private, not expressed, not apparent, hidden, less apparent, deeper, obscure, ; innermost or essential, needing to be examined closely or thought about in order to be seen or understood.
Privileged, more or most privileged, more or most influential, intimate, exclusive, more important, more intimate, private, secret, confined to an exclusive group, exclusive to a center; especially a center of influence being near a center especially of influence.
An inner part.
puhekieltä A duvet, excluding the cover.
A forward who plays in or near the center of the field.
puhekieltä A thin glove worn inside batting gloves or wicket-keeping gloves.
puhekieltä One who supports remaining in the European Union.
(l) (of taxes)
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