1. Neuroottinen tila, joka ilmenee erilainen psyykkisinä ja ruumiillisina oireina ja reaktioina.

  2. hysteerinen kiihko, vimma, kauhu.
    Esimerkiksi: Joukkohysteria. Osto-, kulutushysteria.

Katso myös: hysteerinen, hysteerikko, vallalla, vallalle


yks. nom. hysteria, yks. gen. hysterian, yks. part. hysteriaa, yks. ill. hysteriaan, mon. gen. hysterioiden hysterioitten hysteriain, mon. part. hysterioita, mon. ill. hysterioihin.



  1. vimma, hurmio, kiihko, raivo.

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hysteria behavior Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic.
puhekieltä A mental disorder characterized by emotional excitability etc. without an organic cause.

The typical cases of hysteria cited by Freud thus involved a moral conflict—a conflict about what the young women in question wanted to do with themselves. Did they want to prove that they were good daughters by taking care of their sick fathers? Or did they want to become independent of their parents, by having a family of their own, or in some other way? I believe it was the tension between these conflicting aspirations that was the crucial issue in these cases. The sexual problem—say, of the daughter's incestuous cravings for her father—was secondary (if that important); it was stimulated, perhaps, by the interpersonal situation in which the one had to attend to the other's body. Moreover, it was probably easier to admit the sexual problem to consciousness and to worry about it than to raise the ethical problem indicated.3 In the final analysis, the latter is a vastly difficult problem in living. It cannot be "solved" by any particular maneuver but requires rather decision making about basic goals, and, having made the decisions, dedicated efforts to attain them.
English hysteria
ruotsi masspsykos, masshysteri, hysteri
ranska hystérie (f)
saksa Hysterie (f)
kreikka υστερία (f)
unkari hisztéria
italia isteria (f)
puola histeria (f)
romania isterie (f)
venäjä истери́я (f), t-needed ru


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hysteerinen, hysteerisesti, hystereesi, hysteria, hytinä, hytistä

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