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stance englannista suomeksi

  1. kanta, asennoituminen, näkökanta

  2. asento

  1. Substantiivi

  2. asento

  3. asenne, asennoituminen, kanta, näkökanta

  4. Verbi

stance englanniksi

  1. The manner, pose, or posture in which one stands.

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  4. (quote-book) told me Yaz switched his stance every year, but Ripken Jr.|Cal Ripken Jr.'s brother Ripken|Billy Ripken said Cal switched his stance midseason, midgame, even mid-at-bat. (..) The most beloved and memorable of the Ripken stances was "the Violin." Cal would bend his knees and slightly open his stance to face the pitcher. He would rest the bat on his shoulder while thrusting the bat knob back and forth toward the strike zone. This movement was widely considered Cal's batting masterpiece.

  5. One's opinion or of view.

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  7. (quote-journal)|location=London|date=23 April 2012|passage=His &91;(w)'s&93; stance as being against the world of finance and his proposal of a 75% tax on incomes over €1m (£817,000) was approved by a majority in polls. He was convinced that his more measured, if ploddingly serious, style would win out with an electorate tired of Sarkozy|Nicolas Sarkozy's bling and frenetic policy initiatives.

  8. A place to stand; a position, a site, a station.

  9. (RQ:Scott Lady of the Lake)

  10. (RQ:Scott Field of Waterloo)

  11. A foothold or ledge on which to up a belay.

  12. A place for buses or taxis to await passengers; a stop, a rank.

  13. A place where a fair or market is held; a location where a street trader can on business.

  14. (quote-journal), Respondents (Pursuers).—''R. V. Campbell.'' (smallcaps) (Trustees of Bath Street Baptist Church, Glasgow), Appellants (Defenders).—''Balfour''—''Alison''.|journal=Cases Decided in the Court of Session, Court of Justiciary, and House of Lords,(nb...)|location=Edinburgh|publisher=Clark|T. & T. Clark, law booksellers: London: Stevens & Sons|date=15 June 1877|volume=IV (Fourth Series)|page=894|pageurl=|oclc=149775892|passage=To the action by the proprietor of a tenement in burgh against the proprietor of the adjoining stance to recover one-half the cost of a mutual gable, of which the defender had taken the use, it was pleaded in defence (1) that the mutual gable having been erected by the common author of the parties no claim arose to the proprietor of one stance against the proprietor of the other; (..)

  15. A stanza.

  16. (RQ:Chapman Comedies and Tragedies) This ended the ''Phœbades'' ſung the third Stance.

  17. To place, to position, to station; to put (cattle) into an enclosure or pen in preparation for sale.

  18. (quote-book) In Two Volumes|edition=2nd|location=Edinburgh|publisher=Printed by John Wotherspoon, for James Dickson and Charles Elliott|year=1776|volume=I|pages=107–108|pageurl=|oclc=731529190|passage=Roy MacGregor|(smallcaps) ſtood watch / On a hill for to catch / The booty for ought that I ſa', man, / For he ne'er advanced, / From the place he was ſtanc'd, / 'Till no more to do there at a' man, (..)