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smack englannista suomeksi

  1. maistua

  2. hepo, polle

  3. läpsäys

  4. läimäys, läimäytys

  5. muiskauttaa

  6. läpsäyttää, sivaltaa

  7. pusu, muisku, muiskaus

  8. maku

  9. mässyttää, maiskauttaa, maiskuttaa

  10. kalastaja-alus, smakki

  11. päistikkaa, suoraa päätä

  1. smakki

  2. läpsäyttää, läiskäyttää, mäiskäyttää

  3. maiskuttaa, mässyttää

  4. muiskauttaa

  5. Substantiivi

smack englanniksi

  1. A distinct flavor, especially if slight.

  2. ''rice pudding with a smack of cinnamon''

  3. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=Terence, this is stupid stuff|passage=But take it: if the smack is sour / The better for the embittered hour;

  4. A slight trace of something; a smattering.

  5. 1883, Louis Stevenson|Robert Louis Stevenson, ''Island|Treasure Island''

  6. He was not sailorly, and yet he had a smack of the sea about him too.
  7. Heroin.

  8. (quote-book)

  9. A form of fried potato; a scallop.

  10. To get the flavor of.

  11. 1827, (w) (translator), (w), "Melechsala" (1782-86); in ''German Romance'' I. 175

  12. He soon smacked the taste of physic hidden in this sweetness.
  13. To indicate or suggest something; used with ''of''.

  14. ''Her reckless behavior smacks of pride.''

  15. (RQ:Shakespeare Measure)

  16. To have a particular taste; used with ''of''.

  17. 1820-25, (w), ''(w)''

  18. He had his tea and hot rolls in a morning, while we were battening upon our quarter-of-a-penny loaf — our ''crug'' — moistened with attenuated small beer, in wooden piggings, smacking of the pitched leathern jack it was poured from.
  19. (senseid) A small sailing vessel, commonly rigged as a sloop, used chiefly in the coasting and fishing trade and often called a smack|fishing smack

  20. A group of jellyfish.

  21. A sharp blow; a slap. ''See also: spank.''

  22. The sound of a loud kiss.

  23. *(RQ:Shakespeare Shrew)

  24. A quick, sharp noise, as of the lips when suddenly separated, or of a whip.

  25. To slap or hit someone.

  26. To make a smacking sound.

  27. 1832, (w), ''Contarini Fleming''

  28. A horse neighed, and a whip smacked, there was a whistle, and the sound of a cart wheel.
  29. To strike a child (usually on the buttocks) as a form of discipline. (US spank)

  30. To wetly separate the lips, making a noise, after tasting something or in expectation of a treat.

  31. 1763, Robert Lloyd, “A Familiar Epistle” in ''St. James Magazine'':

  32. But when, obedient to the mode / Of panegyric, courtly ode / The bard bestrides, his annual hack, / In vain I taste, and sip and smack, / I find no flavour of the Sack.
  33. To kiss with a close compression of the lips, so as to make a sound when they separate.

  34. As if with a smack or slap; smartly; sharply.

  35. ''Right smack bang in the middle.''

  36. smidgeon, piece, small bit