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sleepy englannista suomeksi

  1. uninen, unelias

  1. uninen, unelias

  2. uninen, väsynyt

  3. unelias, hiljainen

  4. Substantiivi

sleepy englanniksi

  1. Tired; feeling the need for sleep.

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  4. Suggesting tiredness.

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  6. At the very moment he cried out, David realised that what he had run into was only the Christmas tree. Disgusted with himself at such cowardice, he spat a needle from his mouth, stepped back from the tree and listened. There were no sounds of any movement upstairs: no shouts, no sleepy grumbles, only a gentle tinkle from the decorations as the tree had recovered from the collision.
  7. Tending to induce sleep.

  8. (ux)

  9. Dull; lazy.

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  11. Quiet; without bustle or activity.

  12. (quote-web)|passage=Experts believe a pandemic welfare programme for poorer Brazilians has encouraged robbers to plan bold raids in sleepy regional cities where bank branches are storing more cash.

  13. (quote-journal)|url=|passage=Usually sleepy border crossings into Kazakhstan and Mongolia have also been overwhelmed by the sudden influx of Russians looking for a way out.

  14. The gum that builds up in the eye; sleep, gound.

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