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sleep englannista suomeksi

  1. mahtua nukkumaan

  2. tutia, nukkua, goijata, uinua

  3. uni

  4. nukkuminen

  5. lepo

  1. nukkua

  2. olla ... nukkumapaikkaa">olla ... nukkumapaikkaa, voida majoittua">voida majoittua, mahtua nukkumaan">mahtua nukkumaan, majoittaa

  3. uni

  4. uni / unet (monikko)

  5. rähmä, unihiekka

  6. Substantiivi

sleep englanniksi

  1. To rest in a state of reduced consciousness.

  2. (ux)

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  4. We sleep in the bedroom.
    : (audio)
  5. To spin on its axis with no other perceptible motion.

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  7. To cause (a spinning top or yo-yo) to spin on its axis with no other perceptible motion.

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  9. Yo-yo tricks involving sleeping the yo-yo (like "walking the dog" and "rocking the baby") cannot be performed in space.
  10. To accommodate in beds.

  11. To be slumbering in (a state).

  12. To be careless, inattentive, or unconcerned; not to be vigilant; to live thoughtlessly.

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  14. To be dead; to lie in the grave.

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  17. To be, or appear to be, in repose; to be quiet; to be unemployed, unused, or unagitated; to rest; to lie dormant.

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  19. To wait for a period of time without performing any action.

  20. To place into a state of hibernation.

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  22. Even when you have reasons not to sleep the computer, it's still a good idea to sleep the display after a period of time.
  23. To achieve or make happen by manner of sleep.

  24. The state of reduced consciousness during which a human or animal rests in a daily rhythm.

  25. An act or instance of sleeping.

  26. A night.

  27. (usex)

  28. Rheum, crusty or gummy discharge found in the corner of the eyes after waking, whether real or a figurative objectification of sleep (in the sense of ''reduced consciousness'').

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  30. 2017, Adam J. Fisch, ''Neuroanatomy: Draw It to Know It'', Oxford University Press ((ISBN)):

  31. ... and draw the medial canthus (aka medial commissure) at the medial extreme. Now draw the lacrimal caruncle at the medial corner of the eye, which produces whitish, oily fluid—it produces “sleep in the eye.”
  32. 2019, Jahangir Moini, ''Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals'', Jones & Bartlett Learning ((ISBN)), page 780, entry "Medial canthus":

  33. The part of the eyelid that is the location of the lacrimal caruncle, which produces rheum or "sleep," the gritty substance often present when awakening.
  34. A state of plants, usually at night, when their leaflets approach each other and the flowers close and droop, or are covered by the folded leaves.

  35. (synonyms)

  36. 1843, Joh Müller, John Bell, ''Elements of Physiology'', page 808:

  37. The daily sleep of plants, and their winter sleep, present in this respect exactly similar phenomena(..)
  38. The hibernation of animals.

  39. (the act of) dragging, towing

  40. train, the part of wedding gown that drags behind the bride

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