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  1. sara

  1. sara

  2. sarakasvi

sedge englanniksi

  1. Any plant of the genus ''Carex'', the (vern), perennial, endogenous herbs, often growing in dense tufts in marshy places. They have triangular jointless stems, a spiked inflorescence, and long grasslike leaves which are usually rough on the margins and midrib. There are several hundred species.

  2. (RQ:Chambers Younger Set)

  3. Any plant of the family Cyperaceae.

  4. Any of certain other plants resembling sedges, such as (taxlink) and ''virginicus''.

  5. A fly used in fishing, designed to resemble a fly|sedge or fly.

  6. (obsolete spelling of)

  7. A flock of herons, cranes, or bitterns.