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pecan englannista suomeksi

  1. pekaani

  2. pekaanipähkinä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. pekaanipähkinäpuu

  3. pekaanipähkinä

  4. Verbi

pecan englanniksi

  1. A deciduous tree, (taxlink), of the central and southern States, having deeply furrowed bark, pinnately compound leaves, and edible nuts.

  2. 1885, Howard Seely, ''A Ranchman's stories'', page 154:

  3. And away on the farther bank, a motte of huge pecans, standing like giant sentinels over the dwarfed landscape, filled the eye with remote vistas in their shady, twilight aisles. It was very still.
  4. 1978 April, in the ''Texas Monthly'', page 51:

  5. Within its ornamental fence, the 8/10-acre property includes several of the largest live oaks in the area — plus huge pecans and stately magnolias.
  6. A smooth, thin-shelled, edible oval nut of this tree.

  7. 1982, Beth Henley, ''Crimes of the heart'', page 17:

  8. MEG. (..) (''Meg takes out two pecans and tries to open them by cracking them together.'') Come on ... Crack, you demons! Crack!
    LENNY. We have a nutcracker!
    MEG. (''Trying with her teeth.'') Ah, where's the sport in a nutcracker? Where's the challenge?
  9. A half of the edible portion of the inside of this nut.

  10. 2005, in ''The Condensed Encyclopedia of Healing Foods'' (Joseph Pizzorno, Lara Pizzorno; Atria Books, (ISBN):

  11. Each shell contains two pecans, usually plump and oblong in shape, although some varieties are round or pointed.
  12. (es-verb form of)