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passive englannista suomeksi

  1. passiivinen

  2. passiivi-, passiivimuotoinen

  3. passiivimuoto, passiivi

  1. passiivinen

  2. passiivinen, passiivimuotoinen

  3. koroton

  4. Substantiivi

  5. passiivimuoto, passiivi

  6. Verbi

passive englanniksi

  1. Being subjected to an action without producing a reaction.

  2. Taking no action.

  3. ''He remained passive during the protest.''

  4. Being in the voice.

  5. Being inactive and submissive in a relationship, especially in a sexual one.

  6. Not participating in management.

  7. Without motive power.

  8. ''a passive balloon; a passive aeroplane; passive flight, such as gliding and soaring''

  9. Of a component: that consumes but does not produce energy, or is incapable of power gain.

  10. (q) Where allowance is made for a possible future event.

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  13. The voice of verbs.

  14. A form of a verb that is in the passive voice.

  15. A customer who is satisfied with a product or service, but not keen enough to promote it by of mouth.

  16. 2014, Roy Barnes, Bob Kelleher, ''Customer Experience For Dummies'' (page 266)

  17. If you want to improve your organization's NPS, you need to follow up with your detractors, passives, and promoters to understand why they answered your question as they did and what you can do better in the future.
  18. Any component that consumes but does not produce energy, or is incapable of power gain.

  19. 2001, ''The Virginia Engineer'' (volume 50, page 20)

  20. Reductions In Both Size And Weight Offered By Integrated PassivesYou may not know it yet, but if you're like most consumers, you want integrated passives.
  21. 2010, Sridhar Canumalla, Puligandla Viswanadham, ''Portable Consumer Electronics: Packaging, Materials, and Reliability''

  22. The components include active devices such as logic, memory, processors, etc.; passives such as capacitors, resistors, crystal oscillators, inductances, etc.; (..)
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