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location englannista suomeksi

  1. paikka

  2. kuvauspaikka

  3. sijoittaminen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. paikka, sijainti

  3. sijoittaminen

location englanniksi

  1. A particular point or place in physical space.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. An act of locating.

  4. 1886 November 12, Joseph Church Helm, opinion, ''Pelican & Dives Min. Co. ''v.'' Snodgrass'', reprinted in, 1887, Pacific Reporter|''Pacific Reporter'', volume 12, page 207 http://google.com/books?id=1ss-AAAAIAAJ&pg=PA207&dq=location:

  5. The Ontario tunnel was not located in pursuance of the law relating to tunnel-sites. Lewis failed to follow up his discovery of mineral therein with any effort whatever towards completing the statutory location of a mining claim.
  6. An apartheid-era urban area populated by non-white people; township.

  7. 2011, Dennis Brutus, Bernth Lindfors, ''The Dennis Brutus Tapes: Essays at Autobiography'' (page 188)

  8. It is the sounds of apartheid, of the townships, the locations(..)
  9. A leasing on rent.

  10. A contract for the use of a thing, or service of a person, for hirea. 1768, (w), ''An Institute of the Law of Scotland''.

  11. The marking out of the boundaries, or identifying the place or site of, a piece of land, according to the description given in an entry, plan, map, etc(R:Bouvier L)

  12. An administrative region in Kenya, below counties and subcounties, and further divided into sublocations.

  13. renting, rental

  14. rent

  15. rented accommodation

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  17. (quote)
  18. hire (of a car etc.)

  19. booking, reservation