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apartheid englannista suomeksi

  1. rotuerottelupolitiikka, rotuerottelu, apartheid

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

  3. rotuerottelu, apartheid

apartheid englanniksi

  1. The policy of racial separation used by South Africa from 1948 to 1990.

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  3. 1994, Nelson Mandela, ''Long Walk to Freedom'', Abacus 2010, pages 127-8:

  4. The premise of apartheid was that whites were superior to Africans, Coloureds and Indians, and the function of it was to entrench white supremacy forever.
  5. Any similar policy of racial separation/segregation and discrimination.

  6. 1963, Justice William O. Douglas, concurring, ''Lombard v. Louisiana'' (373 U.S. 267):

  7. When the doors of a business are open to the public, they must be open to all regardless of race if apartheid is not to become engrained in our public (..).
  8. A policy or situation of segregation based on some specified attribute.

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  11. To impose a policy of segregation of groups of people, especially one based on race.

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  13. the state of being separate; separateness

  14. a characteristic that sets something or someone apart

  15. the policy of racial separation used in South Africa from 1948 to 1990; (l)

  16. any similar policy of racial separation

  17. 2007 December 13, "Prins Claus en de NCO", ''Andere Tijden'', ''VPRO''.

  18. In januari 1972 komt een subsidieaanvraag binnen van het Angola Comité voor een boycotactie van koffie afkomstig uit Angola. Het land is in die tijd een provincie van Portugal, dat hardnekkig weigert de voormalige kolonie op te geven. De actie is tegen kolonialisme, rassendiscriminatie en apartheid.
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