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ing englanniksi

  1. A meadow, especially a low meadow near a river; meadow.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1773, ''Journals of the House of Commons'':

  4. Bill for dividing and inclosing certain open common fields, ings, common pastures, and other commonable lands.
  5. 1804, Marshall (William), ''On the Landed Property of England'', possibly quoting an earlier work:

  6. There lay an extent of meadow grounds, in ings, to afford a supply of hay.
  7. The letter for the ''ng'' sound (IPAchar) in shorthand.

  8. in the process of; currently

  9. shirt

  10. (cot)

  11. (senseid) to wobble

  12. to swing

  13. in

  14. on

  15. at

  16. water

  17. house

  18. meadow, meadow, ing

  19. (alternative form of)

  20. ink

  21. (alt form)