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immortal englannista suomeksi

  1. kuolematon

  1. kuolematon

  2. Substantiivi

immortal englanniksi

  1. Not susceptible to death; living forever; never dying. Category:en:Immortality

  2. Never to be forgotten; that merits being always remembered.

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  4. Connected with or relating to immortality.

  5. (RQ:Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra)

  6. Exceedingly great; excessive; grievous.

  7. 1603, (w), ''The Right of Succession Asserted''

  8. immortal and mercyless butchery
  9. One who is not susceptible to death.

  10. A member of an elite regiment of the Persian army.

  11. A member of the Académie française.

  12. An administrator of a dungeon.

  13. (synonyms)

  14. 1999, "Corey Crawford", ''RECRUITING: circle Tazmania/Middle Sphere: Admin, Builders, Immortals'' (on newsgroup '''')

  15. Tazmania/Middle Sphere is in need of builders, admin, and immortals. (..) Immortals do not need experiance(SI).
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