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global englannista suomeksi

  1. pallomainen, pyöreä

  2. globaalinen, yleismaailmallinen

  1. pallomainen, pyöreä

  2. pallo / pallo-

  3. maailmanlaajuinen, globaali, maailman / maailman-, globaali / globaali-

  4. globaali, järjestelmänlaajuinen, yleinen, yhteinen

  5. Substantiivi

global englanniksi

  1. Concerning all parts of the world.

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  5. Pertaining to the whole of something; total, universal:

  6. Of a variable, accessible by all parts of a program.

  7. Which has to be considered in its entirety.

  8. Spherical, ball-shaped.

  9. Of or relating to a globe or sphere.

  10. A globally scoped identifier.

  11. In the global manner; world-wide.

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  13. (l), spherical; (''hence'') concerning the whole world

  14. as a whole, on the whole; total

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  16. global (gloss)

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  21. working, having worked, or with potential to work, with (l) (Brazilian television network)

  22. (uxi) actress

  23. of or relating to (l)

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  25. aggregate (gl)

  26. (l), spanning the entire globe, the whole world, international, universal