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gassy englannista suomeksi

  1. kaasu-

  2. kaasumainen

  1. kaasupitoinen

  2. kupliva, kaasupitoinen

gassy englanniksi

  1. Having the nature of, or containing, gas.

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  3. (quote-journal)|location=Toronto, Ont.|publisher=Printed by Warwick & Sons,(nb...)|year=1889|page=55|pageurl=;view=1up;seq=427|oclc=12398325|passage=In gassy curds, the condition that promotes the generation of gas, is opposed to the condition that favors the development of acid, and ''vice versa''. Therefore, I believe the secret of making good cheese from gassy curds is to promote the development of lactic acid.

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  5. (quote-book), States Bureau of Mines|Bureau of Mines|year=1978|page=9|pageurl=;view=1up;seq=1|oclc=880017617|passage=Prior to this investigation, it was thought that there might be a correlation between the coal gassiness and the average methane concentration above the coal surface. Higher methane concentrations might be observed for gassier coals. However, figure 5 shows no obvious correlation, probably because the gassier coals were stored in open-top silos where better air circulation reduces the methane concentration.

  6. (quote-book)|location=Washington, D.C.|publisher=Published by the (w), (w)(nb...); States Government Publishing Office|U.S. Government Printing Office|year=1993|section=subtitle B (Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued))|page=603|pageurl=|column=2|oclc=29639395|passage=Underground construction operations shall be classified as gassy if: (..) (iii) The underground construction operation is both connected to an underground work area which is currently classified as gassy and is also subject to a continuous course of air containing the flammable gas concentration.

  7. Containing dissolved gas (usually dioxide); fizzy.

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  9. (quote-book)|year=2009|section=part 1 (The Missional Life: God’s “Go”)|page=67|pageurl=|isbn=978-1-4347-9979-1|passage=USAmericans just couldn't bring themselves to order "gassy" drinks. But once the buzz changed from "gassy" to "sparkling," the biz hit the jackpot. Now even Coke wants to be known for not for selling "carbonated beverages," but "sparkling beverages."

  10. Tending to burp; burpy.

  11. (quote-book)|url=|location=London|publisher=(w)|year=1999|isbn=978-0-316-84867-1|edition2=1st American|location2=New York, N.Y.|publisher2=(w)|year2=2003|isbn2=978-0-8021-3980-1|passage=The Renault burst effortlessly through what turned out to be an anorexic privet, and immediately encountered something more substantial in the form of an astonished and transfixed Cheviot. McGregor heard a gassy – groan half-baa and half-burp – as the sheep was bounced into the air, the Renault bludgeoning onwards beneath.


  13. (quote-book)|year=2003|pages=191–192|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-7434-7394-1|passage=If your baby seems gassy (which he might show by habitually fussing after meals and being relieved partially by a big burp), one cause might be swallowed air.

  14. Tending to release flatus; flatulent.

  15. (quote-book)|year=2005|page=19|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-7388-2578-6|passage=(..) Always go to the bathroom when feeling gassy and bloated, and never break wind in any public situation, especially not on hot dates!

  16. (quote-book)|date=2 September 2010|year_published=8 November 2011|page=3|pageurl=|isbn=978-1-4669-0318-0|passage=I could feel the pressure building but there was just no shielding / There were small explosions; hope nobody heard them / Followed by aroma; I tried to hold it in / I tried to hold it in but here we go again // Pass me the Gas-Free 'cause I'm feelin' kinda gassy / It may not be classy when I'm feelin' quite so raspy / Don't think I'm being passé when I say we all get gassy / So pass me the Gas-Free 'cause I'm feelin' kinda gassy

  17. Tending to cause flatulence.

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  19. Tending to be long-winded or wordy, especially in a boastful and vain manner.

  20. (quote-book) and told them about his trip; how at Ripon he saw the gassiest man he had ever seen; an old steamboat captain by the name of Mapes; how I told him where we were going to have colleges, mills, stores, etc., (..) the last time I saw him before he died he told me that he had seen all my gassy story carried out, and more too.

  21. (quote-book)|chapter=Congressmen|title=Gasology: A Satire|location=Philadelphia, Pa.|publisher=John Donkey & Co.|year=1878|page=27|pageurl=|oclc=11263600|passage=Oh, that we had gasometers to test, / What presidential candidate is best, / I mean the gassiest; for by such assay, / We might elect him in the shortest way, (..)