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environ englannista suomeksi

  1. piirittää

  1. ympäröidä

  2. vaikuttaa

  3. lähistö, ympäristö

  4. Substantiivi

environ englanniksi

  1. In the neighbourhood; around.

  2. (synonyms)

  3. (quote-book) T. C. & E. C. Jack,(nb...)|year2=1908|section2=signature Aij|sectionurl2=https://archive.org/details/natureoffourelem00rast/page/n18/mode/1up|oclc2=977106262|passage=Thaboũdant grace of the power deuyne / whiche doth illumyne y&868; world inuyron / Preſerue this audyẽce and cauſe them to inclyne / To charyte this is my petycyon|translation=The abundant grace of the power divine / which doth illumine the world environ / Preserve this audience and cause them to incline / To charity; this is my petition

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  5. Almost, nearly.

  6. To encircle or surround (someone or something).

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  13. To encircle or surround (someone or something) so as to attack from all sides; to beset.

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  17. (RQ:Hume History)&93; had an intrigue vvith a young vvoman, vvho lived at Merton in Surrey; vvhither having ſecretly retired, he vvas on a ſudden environed, in the night-time, by Kynehard and his follovvers, and after making a vigorous reſiſtance, vvas murdered, vvith all his attendants.

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  19. To encircle or surround (a heraldic element such as a charge or escutcheon (shield)).

  20. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=T. Richards,(nb...)|year=1874|page=4|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=rjEGAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA4|column=2|oclc=460013398|passage=Azure, an annulet environing a barrulet, between two bars and in chief a cross patty fitchy or.

  21. To cover, enclose, or envelop (someone or something).

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  26. (RQ:Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre) Total obscurity environed me; rain pelted me; (..)

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  28. ''Followed by'' from: to hide or shield (someone or something).

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  30. Of a person: to be positioned or stationed around (someone or something) to attend to or protect them.

  31. (RQ:Marcellinus Holland Roman Historie) is Farre Removed by Occasion of Warre against the Gothes, (usurper)|Procopius Putting Forward His Intended Businesse, is by Tumultuarie Acclamations Saluted Emperour|page=293|passage=All of them, upon an aſſociation made in the night, agreed to ſide vvith him, vvith aſſurance of ſafe conduct being gladly admitted unto them, environed he vvas vvith a multitude thronged together of vendible or ſale ſouldiors, (..)

  32. (quote-book) A. Maxwell, for R. Clavel,(nb...)|year=1675|page=75|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=N0KMVOE8Yx0C&pg=PA75|oclc=65623403|passage=O moſt high God, who keepeſt all things whether high or low, and environeſt every creature; ſancti†fie and bleſs† theſe Creatures of lime and ſand; Through Chriſt our Lord, Amen.|footer=(small)

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  34. Of a situation or of affairs, especially danger or trouble: to happen to and affect (someone or something).

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  38. To amount to or encompass (a space).

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  40. To travel completely around (a place or thing); to circumnavigate.

  41. A surrounding area or place (especially of an urban settlement); an environment.

  42. (ux)

  43. (RQ:Evelyn Diary) Towre, whence we had a prospect towards Duresme, and could see Rippon, part of Lancashire, the famous and fatal Marston Moore, y(sup) Spaws of Knaresborough, and all the environs of that admirable country.

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  47. about, to, around

  48. {{ux|fr|un salaire annuel d'environ 7 millions d'euros

  49. a surrounding area

  50. about; around; roughly

  51. around

  52. about, around, approximately

  53. surrounding

  54. about, roughly, approximately