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contradict englannista suomeksi

  1. olla ristiriidassa

  2. väittää vääräksi

  3. kieltää

  1. Verbi

  2. kiistää

contradict englanniksi

  1. To deny the truth or validity of (a statement or statements).

  2. (ux)

  3. 1651, (w), ''(w)'', London: Andrew Crooke, Chapter 42 “Of Power Ecclesiasticall,” p. 270,

  4. (..) the Ministers of Christ in this world, have no Power by that title, to Punish any man for not Beleeving, or for Contradicting what they say;
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  7. I spent the whole long hike back to camp thinking about that amazing letter. It didn’t sound in the least like anything he had ever said in class. Oh, I don’t mean it contradicted anything he had told us in class; it was just entirely different in tone.
  8. To oppose (a person) by denying the truth or pertinence of a given statement.

  9. ''Everything he says contradicts me.''

  10. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  11. 1753, (w), ''(w)'', London, Volume 5, Letter 17, p. 113,

  12. (..) all these people having deservedly the reputation of good sense, penetration, and so-forth, I cannot contradict them with credit to myself.
  13. 1915, (w), ''(w)'', New York: George H. Doran, 1920, Chapter 15, p. 199,

  14. “I always contradict my husband when he says that,” said Mrs. Thornbury sweetly. “You men! Where would you be if it weren’t for the women!”
  15. To be contrary to (something).

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  17. 1760, (w), ''The Sermons of Mr. Yorick'', London: R. & J. Dodsley, Volume 1, Sermon 2, p. 32,

  18. (..) as he is going to a house dedicated to joy and mirth, it was fit he should divest himself of whatever was likely to contradict that intention, or be inconsistent with it.
  19. (RQ:Wordsworth Excursion) True indeed it isThat They whom Death has hidden from our sightAre worthiest of the Mind’s regard; with theseThe future cannot contradict the past:

  20. 1980, (w), ''(w)'', Penguin, 1981, Chapter 60, p. 486,

  21. My persona was mildly liked by television audiences. Its features were recognizable and caricaturable—the cigarette in its Dunhill holder wielded as gracefully as a Queen Anne fan, the (w) suitings whose conservative elegance was contradicted by opennecked silk shirts from (w) or by cream polo sweaters (..)
  22. To give an order contrary to (another order or wish), oppose (something).

  23. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 8) when was the hourI ever contradicted your desire,Or made it not mine too?

  24. 1662, (w), ''The Matrimonial Trouble'', Act II, Scene 21 in ''Playes written by the thrice noble, illustrious and excellent princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle'', London: John Martyn ''et al.'', p. 435,

  25. ''Lady Sprightly''. What had you to do to contradict my commands?
    ''Doll Subtilty''. They were not fit to be obey’d, wherefore they were forbid.
  26. To give an order contrary to one given by (another person), oppose or resist (someone).

  27. (RQ:Marlowe Edward 2)I will haue ''Gaueston'', and you shall know,What danger tis to stand against your king.

  28. (RQ:Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet)

  29. To speak against; to forbid.

  30. (RQ:Burton Melanchol), New York 2001, p. 203:

  31. (..)magic hath been publicly professed in former times, in Salamanca, Cracovia, and other places, though after censured by several universities, and now generally contradicted, though practised by some still .