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cocoa englannista suomeksi

  1. kaakaojuoma

  2. kaakaojauhe

  1. raakakaakao

  2. kaakao

  3. kaakaonvärinen

  4. Verbi

  5. Substantiivi

cocoa englanniksi

  1. The dried and partially fermented fatty seeds of the cacao tree from which chocolate is made.

  2. An unsweetened brown powder made from roasted, ground beans, used in making chocolate, and in cooking.

  3. A hot drink made with milk, cocoa powder, and sugar.

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  5. 1979, Stanley J. Sharpless, ''A Food Lover's Companion'', Harper & Row, Evan Jones (edit.)

  6. Half past nine - high time for supper;
    ''Cocoa, love?'' ''Of course, my dear.''
    Helen thinks it quite delicious,
    John prefers it now to beer....
    ¶For they've stumbled on the secret
    Of a love that never wanes,
    Rapt beneath the tumbled bedclothes,
    Cocoa coursing through their veins.
  7. A serving of this drink.

  8. A light to medium brown colour.

  9. (color panel)

  10. Of a light to medium brown colour, like that of cocoa powder.

  11. (alternative spelling of).

  12. To hurt.

  13. To be ill.

  14. cocoa