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cocktail englannista suomeksi

  1. ruokaryyppy

  2. drinkki, cocktail

  1. Substantiivi

  2. cocktail, drinkki, kimara

  3. sekoitus, seos

  4. Verbi

cocktail englanniksi

  1. stinger

  1. A mixed alcoholic beverage.

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  6. A mixture of other substances or things.

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  8. A horse, not of pure breed, but having only one eighth or one sixteenth impure blood in its veins.

  9. A mean, half-hearted fellow.

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  11. A species of beetle, so called from its habit of elevating the tail.

  12. Ostentatiously lacking in manners.

  13. To adulterate (fuel, etc.) by mixing in other substances.

  14. To treat (a person) to cocktails.

  15. ''He dined and cocktailed her at the most exclusive bars and restaurants.''

  16. cocktail

  17. cocktail (gloss)

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  19. party

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