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chimney englannista suomeksi

  1. savupiippu

  2. kupu, öljylampun lasi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. savukanava, savupiippu

  3. öljylampun lasi">öljylampun lasi, liekkilasi

  4. savupiippu

  5. kuilu

  6. Verbi

chimney englanniksi

  1. A vertical tube or hollow column used to emit environmentally polluting gaseous and solid matter (including but not limited to by-products of burning carbon- or hydrocarbon-based fuels); a flue.

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  5. The glass flue surrounding the flame of an lamp.

  6. The smokestack of a steam locomotive.

  7. A narrow cleft in a rock face; a narrow vertical cave passage.

  8. A vagina.

  9. A eye; a shiner.

  10. To negotiate a chimney (narrow vertical cave passage) by pushing against the sides with back, feet, hands, etc.