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flame englannista suomeksi

  1. liekehtiä

  2. haukkua, kritisoida

  3. tuli, liekki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. liekki

  3. heila

  4. trollaus

  5. tulipunainen

  6. loimukuvio

  7. polte

  8. Verbi

  9. leimuta, loimuta, olla liekeissä">olla liekeissä

  10. leimahtaa

  11. herjata, trollata

flame englanniksi

  1. The visible part of fire; a stream of burning vapour or gas, emitting light and heat.

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  3. Long after his cigar burnt bitter, he sat with eyes fixed on the blaze. When the flames at last began to flicker and subside, his lids fluttered, then drooped; but he had lost all reckoning of time when he opened them again to find Miss Erroll in furs and ball-gown kneeling on the hearth(nb..).
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  5. A romantic partner or lover in a usually short-lived but passionate affair.

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  7. I could copy out yards of rhapsody to Lord George Poynings, her old flame, in which she addressed him by the most affectionate names.
  8. Intentionally insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger.

  9. A brilliant reddish orange-gold fiery colour. (color panel)

  10. The contrasting light and dark figure seen in wood used for stringed instrument making; the curl.

  11. (ux)

  12. Burning zeal, passion, imagination, excitement, or anger.

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  16. To produce flames; to burn with a flame or blaze.

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  18. To burst forth like flame; to break out in violence of passion; to be kindled with zeal or ardour.

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  20. To post a destructively critical or abusive message (to somebody).

  21. ''I flamed him for spamming in my favourite newsgroup.''

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  23. Because online communication makes it easy to flame, many of us impetuously fire off messages that we later regret.
  24. Of a brilliant reddish orange-gold colour, like that of a flame.

  25. (inflection of)

  26. (alt form)

  27. flame

  28. (quote-book)

  29. (noun form of)

  30. flame

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