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bullseye englanniksi

  1. The centre of a target, inside the inner and magpie.

  2. A shot which hits the centre of a target.

  3. The two central rings on a dartboard.

  4. A hard striped peppermint-flavoured sweet.

  5. Thick glass set into the side of a ship to let in light.

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  7. A hand-cancelled postmark issued by a counter clerk at a post office, typically done on a receipt for proof of mailing.

  8. The central part of a glass disk, with concentric ripple effect.

  9. A convex glass lens which is placed in front of a lamp to concentrate the light so as to make it more conspicuous as a signal; also the lantern itself.

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  12. A commonly-known reference point used when indicating the location or direction of something.

  13. An oculus.

  14. A £50 banknote.

  15. Any of the first stamps produced in Brazil from 1843.

  16. The mark left on a glass piece from its attachment to a punty.

  17. A cry when someone hits the bullseye of a target.

  18. A response to a totally accurate statement.

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