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billow englannista suomeksi

  1. aaltoilla, hyökyä

  2. leijua, kohota, nousta

  3. tarpoa

  4. pullistua

  5. aalto, hyökyaalto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. hyökyaalto

  3. Verbi

  4. of liquid hyökyä, of a mass vyöryä, of smoke tupruta

  5. pullistua

billow englanniksi

  1. A large wave, swell, surge, or undulating mass of something, such as water, smoke, fabric or sound

  2. 1782, William Cowper, "Expostulation", in ''Poems by William Cowper, of the Inner Temple, Esq.''.

  3. (..) Whom the winds waft where'er the billows roll, / From the world's girdle to the frozen pole;
  4. 1842, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "The Wreck of the Hesperus", in ''Ballads and Other Poems''.

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  7. 1873, Wadsworth Longfellow|Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Brook and the Wave|The Brook and the Wave" in ''Birds of Passage'':

  8. And the brooklet has found the billow / Though they flowed so far apart.
  9. 1893 August, Rudyard Kipling, "Seal Lullaby", in "The White Seal", ''(w)''.

  10. (quote-text)|title=Caravan|The Caravan|passage=Have the swirling sands engulfed them, on a noon of storm when the desert rose like the sea, and rolled its tawny billows on the walled gardens of the green and fragrant lands?

  11. To surge or roll in billows.

  12. (quote-text)|title=The Understanding Heart|chapter=2|passage=During the preceding afternoon a heavy North Pacific fog had blown in … Scudding eastward from the ocean, it had crept up and over the redwood-studded crests of the Coast Range mountains, (..), billowing steadily eastward, it had rolled up the western slopes of the Siskiyou Range, (..)

  13. 1942, (w), ''The Book of Small'', “Chain Gang,”

  14. The nuns' veils billowed and flapped behind the snaky line of girls as if the sisters were shooing the serpent from the Garden of Eden.
  15. {{quote-book|en|title=Fashion Victims: The Damages of Dress Past and Present|author=Alison Matthews David|year=2015|ISBN=9781845204495|page=59

  16. To swell out or bulge.

  17. (quote-text)|title=(w)|chapter=I|url=|passage=Her new green flowered-muslin dress spread its twelve yards of billowing material over her hoops and exactly matched the flat-heeled green morocco slippers her father had recently brought her from Atlanta.

  18. (quote-text)|title=Slouching Towards Kalamazoo|chapter=9|page=125|passage=She had changed her auburn hair. Instead of wearing it in a billowing puff over her brow, she had gathered it into a ponytail, secured with a length of yellow yarn.