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basketball englannista suomeksi

  1. koripallo, koripalloilu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. koripallo, koripalloilu

  3. koripallo

  4. Verbi

basketball englanniksi

  1. A sport in which two opposing teams of five players strive to put a ball through a hoop.

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  3. The particular kind of ball used in the sport of basketball. (topics)

  4. To play basketball

  5. 1968, Tom Tiede, ''Coward''

  6. by high school he was basketballing with the best of an all-Negro league
  7. To throw in a similar way to when shooting a basketball

  8. 1994, Jeff Probst, ''Bachelor Butterflies''

  9. He took a sip from a paper coffee-cup , crumpled it up and basketballed it into a small rubbish bin about five feet from him.
  10. basketball

  11. (fr-post-1990)

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