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bagatelle englannista suomeksi

  1. bagatelli

  2. sivuseikka, mitätön asia, pikkuseikka

  3. fortuna, bagatelle

  1. Substantiivi

  2. pikkuseikka

  3. bagatelli

  4. bagatelle

  5. fortuna

  6. Verbi

bagatelle englanniksi

  1. A trifle; an insubstantial thing.

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  7. A short piece of literature or of instrumental music, typically light or playful in character.

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  9. A game similar to billiards played on an oblong table with pockets or arches at one end only.

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  11. Any of several smaller wooden tabletop games developed from the original bagatelle in which the pockets are made of pins.

  12. To meander or move around, in a manner similar to the ball in the game of bagatelle.

  13. To bagatellize; to regard as a bagatelle.

  14. (quote-book)|passage=That Saddam Hussein announced his intentions to destroy Israel a long time ago was either ignored or bagatelled. “We just didn't have time to address the threat to Israel,” explained Brigitte Erler on the eve of a large peace demonstration in Bonn.

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  16. trifle

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