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alle englanniksi

  1. under

  2. below, beneath, to a lower place

  3. short

  4. less

  1. (attributive form of)

  2. (monikko) da|al

  3. (alternative spelling of)

  4. (nl-adj form of)

  5. all (every individual of the given class)

  6. (noun form of)

  7. less than, under

  8. (ux)


  9. (q) under

  10. she (third-person singular feminine)

  11. (syn)

  12. (inflection of)

  13. (quote-song)

  14. finished; gone

  15. (uxi)

  16. under, underneath

  17. (RQ:izh:Junus:1936)

  18. (form of); to the, at the

  19. west, western

  20. to take

  21. 1407, ''Testimony of William Thorpe|The Testimony of William Thorpe'', pages 40–41

  22. And I seide, "Ser, in his tyme maister Ioon Wiclef was holden of ful many men the grettis clerk that thei knewen lyuynge vpon erthe. And therwith he was named, as I gesse worthili, a passing reuli man and an innocent in al his lyuynge. And herfore grete men of kunnynge and other also drowen myche to him, and comownede ofte with him. And thei sauouriden so his loore that thei wroten it bisili and enforsiden hem to rulen hem theraftir... Maister Ion Aston taughte and wroot acordingli and ful bisili, where and whanne and to whom he myghte, and he vsid it himsilf, I gesse, right perfyghtli vnto his lyues eende. Also Filip of Repintoun whilis he was a chanoun of Leycetre, Nycol Herforde, dane Geffrey of Pikeringe, monke of Biland and a maistir dyuynyte, and Ioon Purueye, and manye other whiche weren holden rightwise men and prudent, taughten and wroten bisili this forseide lore of Wiclef, and conformeden hem therto. And with alle these men I was ofte homli and I comownede with hem long tyme and fele, and so bifore alle othir men I chees wilfulli to be enformed bi hem and of hem, and speciali of Wiclef himsilf, as of the moost vertuous and goodlich wise man that I herde of owhere either knew. And herfore of Wicleef speciali and of these men I toke the lore whiche I haue taughte and purpose to lyue aftir, if God wole, to my lyues ende."
    : "Sir, in his time master John Wycliffe was held by very many men the greatest clerk that they knew living upon earth. And with this he was named, as I believe worthily, an excellent ruly and innocent man in all his living. And therefore great men of knowledge and others also drew much to him, and communed often with him. And they savored so his teaching that they wrote it busily and made him to rule them thereafter... Master Jon Aston taught and wrote accordingly and very busily, where and when and to who he might, and he used it himself, I think, right perfectly unto his life's end. Also Philip of Repingdon while he was a cannon of Leicester, Nicholas of Hereford, Dane Geoffrey of Pickering, monk of Byland and a master of divinity, and John Purvey, and many other which were held righteous and prudent men, taught and wrote busily this aforesaid teaching, and conformed themselves thereto. And with all these men I was often familiar and I communed with them a long and profitable time, and so before all other men I chose willfully to be informed by them and of them, and especially of Wycliffe himself, as of the most virtuous and godly wise man that I heard of anywhere or knew. And therefore of Wycliffe especially and of these men I took the teaching which I have taught and purpose to live after, if God wills, to my life's end."
  23. (l), (l)

  24. (infl of)

  25. (alt sp)

  26. that

  27. Papers of Daisy Bates, National Library of Australia, MS 365, Section XII, Language: Grammar And Vocabularies, Part 2. B. 3. (a), Southwestern District, Jakbum & Wabbinyet of Albany:

  28. alle werra (''that is no good'')
  29. a 19th century (-e/-a ending) form of (m)

  30. ''alle man till pumparna''

    all men to the pumps

  31. under, underneath (gloss)