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adaptation englannista suomeksi

  1. mukautuminen, sopeutuminen, adaptaatio

  2. sovitus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sopeutuminen, sopeuttaminen, muutos

  3. muutos

  4. sopeutuminen

  5. sovittaminen

  6. sovitus

adaptation englanniksi

  1. The process of adapting something or becoming adapted to a situation; adjustment, modification.

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  3. Lifestyle adaptation arises because people inevitably encounter a gap between the style of life they desire and the actual resources they control.
  4. A change that is made or undergone to suit a condition or environment.

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  6. It&39;s staggering because these adaptations to your schedule can dramatically change your life forever.
  7. The process of change that an organism undergoes to be better suited to its environment.

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  10. An instance of an organism undergoing change, or the structure or behavior that is changed.

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  12. This is the very method adopted, in the structure of the eye, to produce a perfect picture on the retina; it is an adaptation to the laws of light, and the property of color, in natural objects.
  13. The process of adapting an artistic work from a different medium.

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  15. Plays are rich and suitable sources for adaptation to film.
  16. An artistic work that has been adapted from a different medium.

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  18. The means by which social groups adapt to different social and physical environments.

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