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  1. Taiwan

  1. Taiwan

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Taiwan englanniksi

  1. Common name for a country in Asia. Official name: of China. Its ''de facto'' capital is Taipei.

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  4. ''Helena's'' 1958 cruise in the Far East began 3 August. Her first port of call was Keelung, Taiwan, arriving 21 August. Next day students and faculty of the Taiwan National Defense College were received on board for a tour of the ship.
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  6. The senator then remarked that all eyes in the world are focused on Hong Kong, and on the brutal repression that is being visited upon the people of Hong Kong. The stakes being fought for are democracy and freedom, he said, and that is what Taiwan rightfully symbolizes to the world. He firmly reiterated that the American people are proud to be friends of Taiwan, and proud to stand with Taiwan.
    One moment that caught many people’s attention came when the host, Anderson Cooper, asked for Sanders’ view, as a potential commander-in-chief, should China take military action against Taiwan. Sanders responded straightforwardly: “I mean, I think we have got to make it clear to countries around the world that we will not sit by and allow invasions to take place, absolutely.”
  7. (place), also known as Formosa since the 16th century.

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  9. A claimed province of the People's Republic of China

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  11. Taiwan

  12. an island nation in Asia; Taiwan

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