1. leiri

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  1. alokasleiri, leiri, kesäleiri, leirikeskus, kesäsiirtola, armeijan majoitustilat, rangaistuslaitos, tontti.

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leiri puhekieltä conflict Conflict; battle.
An outdoor place acting as temporary accommodation in tents or other temporary structures.
An organised event, often taking place in tents or temporary accommodation.
A base of a military group, not necessarily temporary.
A single hut or shelter.

a hunters camp''

The company or body of persons encamped.
The camp broke up with the confusion of a flight.
A group of people with the same strong ideals or political leanings.
puhekieltä campus Campus
puhekieltä A summer camp.
puhekieltä A mound of earth in which potatoes and other vegetables are stored for protection against frost; called also burrow and pie.
puhekieltä An ancient game of football, played in some parts of England.


puhekieltä To fight; contend in battle or in any kind of contest; to strive with others in doing anything; compete.
puhekieltä To wrangle; argue.
To live in a tent or similar temporary accommodation.

Were planning to camp in the field until Sunday.''

To set up a camp.
puhekieltä To afford rest or lodging for.
Had our great palace the capacity / To camp this host, we all would sup together.
puhekieltä To stay in an advantageous location in a video game, such as next to a power-up's spawning point or in order to guard an area.

The easiest way to win on this map is to camp the double damage.

Go and camp the flag for the win.

Of or related to a camp.
An affect affected, exaggerate exaggerated or intentionally tasteless style.
theatrical Theatrical; making exaggerated gestures.
puhekieltä ostentatiously Ostentatiously effeminate.
2014, Sarah Lotz, The Three, Hachette UK (ISBN 9781444775358)
And to be honest, in the illustration Mr Tumnus does look as camp as fuck with his little scarf tied jauntily around his neck. I suppose it isn&39;t outside the realms of possibility that he&39;d just been off cottaging with some centaurs in the forest. God.
2007, David Rothwell, Dictionary of Homonyms, Wordsworth Editions (ISBN 9781840225426), page 88
More recently the word has become colloquial English for either implying that someone is a homosexual (&39;he&39;s very camp&39;), or for describing rather outre behaviour...
Intentionally tasteless or vulgar, self-parodying.
2002, Georges-Claude Guilbert, Madonna as Postmodern Myth: How One Stars Self-Construction Rewrites Sex, Gender, Hollywood and the American Dream'', McFarland (ISBN 9780786480715), page 123
In Saturday Night Live, Madonna also unsurprisingly played Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and a Joan Collins clone, all in a very camp way. As John Dean writes: “U.S. rock has a ruling camp queen with Madonna.”...
field (gloss)
(l) (gloss)
field of study, discipline
puhekieltä field
campEnglish camp (gloss)


campEnglish camp, summer camp.

Une folle camp ne peut jamais en faire trop.

campness; An affect affected, exaggerate exaggerated or intentionally tasteless style.

La tactique des Sœurs dans la lutte contre le sida repose sur une stratégie politique : une utilisation du camp, une réappropriation revendiquée de l’efféminement, de la visibilité homosexuelle et de la follitude qui visent à désarmer les injonctions morales pesant sur la sexualité – sociales, religieuses, liées au sexe, au genre, aux pratiques sexuelles…

puhekieltä field
an enclosed piece of land
(alternative form of)


  • "Tämä Santiago Bernabeun yläkatsomo on lähes yhtä korkealla ja kaukana kentästä kuin camp Noun yläkatsomo, ja sieltä ei erota Ronaldinhoa Iniestasta, vaikka toinen on musta kuin yö ja toinen valkoinen kuin Emmental-juusto"

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