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camp englannista suomeksi

  1. leiri

  2. teennäisyys, camp

  3. leiriytyä

  4. telttailla

  5. huvittava

  6. liioitella

  7. ryhmittymä

  1. leiri

  2. telttailla

  3. leiriytyä

  4. camp

  5. Substantiivi

camp englanniksi

  1. An outdoor place acting as temporary accommodation in tents or other temporary structures.

  2. An organised event, often taking place in tents or temporary accommodation.

  3. A base of a military group, not necessarily temporary.

  4. A single hut or shelter.

  5. (ux)

  6. The company or body of persons encamped.

  7. (RQ:Macaulay History of England)

  8. A group of people with the same strong ideals or political leanings.

  9. An army.

  10. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  11. Campus

  12. A camp.

  13. A prison.

  14. 2009, Nick Chandler, Jeanette Billings, ''Determined to Change: The Autobiography of Nick Chandler'' (page 184)

  15. Lantana is a sweet camp. It's an old hospital that has been converted to a drug treatment center for prisoners.
  16. A mound of earth in which potatoes and other vegetables are stored for protection against frost

  17. (syn)

  18. Conflict; battle.

  19. To live in a tent or similar temporary accommodation.

  20. To up a camp.

  21. To afford rest or lodging for.

  22. (RQ:Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra)

  23. To stay in an advantageous location.

  24. ''Some players like to camp next to a power-up's spawning point.''

  25. 1962, ''Coach & Athlete'' (page 18)

  26. Yet, even without the three second rule, where your big man could camp underneath and take those delightful “garbage” shots, there was little or no pivot offense, no cutting off the bucket.
  27. To stay beside (something) to gain an advantage.

  28. (short for)

  29. To fight; contend in battle or in any kind of contest; to strive with others in doing anything; compete.

  30. 1562, Leigh, ''The Accedens of ''Armory'' ''ː

  31. Aristotle affirmeth that Rauens will gather together on sides, and campe and fight for victorie.
  32. To wrangle; argue.

  33. An affected, exaggerated or intentionally tasteless style.

  34. Theatrical; making exaggerated gestures.

  35. Ostentatiously effeminate.

  36. 2007, David Rothwell, ''Dictionary of Homonyms'', Wordsworth Editions (ISBN), page 88

  37. More recently the word has become colloquial English for either implying that someone is a homosexual (‘he's very camp’), or for describing rather outre behaviour(..)
  38. 2014, Sarah Lotz, ''The Three'', Hachette UK (ISBN)

  39. And to be honest, in the illustration Mr Tumnus does look as camp as fuck with his little scarf tied jauntily around his neck. I suppose it isn't outside the realms of possibility that he'd just been off cottaging with some centaurs in the forest. God.
  40. Intentionally tasteless or vulgar, self-parodying.

  41. 2002, Georges-Claude Guilbert, ''Madonna as Postmodern Myth'', McFarland (ISBN), page 123

  42. In Saturday Night Live, Madonna also unsurprisingly played Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and a Joan Collins clone, all in a very camp way. As John Dean writes: “U.S. rock has a ruling camp queen with Madonna.”
  43. The areas of the Islands situated outside the capital and largest settlement, (w).

  44. An electoral constituency of the legislative assembly of the Falkland Islands that composes of all territory more than 3.5 miles from the spire of the (w) in Stanley.

  45. field (gloss)

  46. (l) (gloss)

  47. field of study, discipline

  48. field

  49. camp (gloss)

  50. ''Il a dressé son camp de l'autre côté de la rivière.'' ― He has erected his camp on the other side of the river.

    ''Un camp de concentration.'' ― A concentration camp.

    ''Les camps ennemis.'' ― The enemy camps.

    ''Ce pays est partagé en deux camps.'' ― This country is divided into two camps.

  51. camp, camp

  52. ''Un camp de vacances.'' ― A summer camp. (idiomatic; French usage does not specify a season)

    ''Une folle camp ne peut jamais en faire trop.''

  53. campness; An affected, exaggerated or intentionally tasteless style

  54. ''La tactique des Sœurs dans la lutte contre le sida repose sur une stratégie politique : une utilisation du camp, une réappropriation revendiquée de l’efféminement, de la visibilité homosexuelle et de la follitude qui visent à désarmer les injonctions morales pesant sur la sexualité – sociales, religieuses, liées au sexe, au genre, aux pratiques sexuelles…''

  55. (alt form)

  56. field

  57. combat

  58. an enclosed piece of land

  59. (l).

  60. (alternative form of)

  61. feat, accomplishment

  62. sport, contest