1. [ k-] = kampus


yks. nom. campus, yks. gen. campuksen, yks. part. campusta, yks. ill. campukseen, monikossa: mon. gen. campusten campuksien, monikossa: mon. part. campuksia, monikossa: mon. ill. campuksiin.



  1. kampusalue, kampus, pelto.

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kampus, kampusalue The grounds or property of a school, college, university, business, church, or hospital, often understood to include buildings and other structures.


An institution of higher education and its ambiance.
To confine to campus as a punishment.
(l) (gloss)
(l) (of university)
open Open flat level ground: a plain, a natural field.

Campus Martius

The Field of Mars

puhekieltä any Any flat or level surface.
w:Plautus Plautus, Trin., 4, 1, 15:
...campi natantes...
The comitia centuriata, which met on the Campus Martius.
A field of action: scope.
A field of debate: a topic.
An opportunity.
The produce of a field.

Além das unidades localizadas nos campi Pampulha e Saúde, a UFMG possui ainda outras no centro de Belo Horizonte e bairros periféricos.Besides units located in the Pampulha and Health campuses, UFMG has others in downtown Belo Horizonte and surrounding neighborhoods.


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