1. [ biigl] (taivutus: beagle/ja tai -jä, -illa tai -illä ja niin edelleen) eräs pieni ajokoira(rotu).


yks. nom. beagle , yks. part. beaglea , monikossa: mon. gen. beaglejen , monikossa: mon. part. beagleja .



  1. metsästyskoira, ajokoira.

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beagle A small short-legged smooth-coated hound, often used for hunting hares. Often tri-coloured, its friendly disposition makes it suitable as a family pet.
A person who snoops on others; a detective.
2002, Susan Isaacs, Long Time No See, page 243

(..)whereas burying a body in the wooded area beyond the backyard was the quickest way to make a Nassau County Police Department beagle look good.
To hunt with beagles.
1933, Charles Pascoe Hawkes, Heydays: a salad of memories and impressions, page 20
(..) reading men who beagled for fresh air and exercise, impecunious hunting men who beagled for economy(..)
To search.
1997, Fletcher Pratt, A Short History of the Civil War: Ordeal by Fire, page 150
(..)Pope clapped his hand to his forehead and beagled like a maniac; he had clean forgotten Thorofare Gap.
English beagle (gloss)
English beagle (dog)
(l) (gloss)
ranska briquet (m)
venäjä го́нчая (f)
ruotsi beagle


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