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  1. beagle

  1. Substantiivi

  2. beagle

  3. nuuskija

  4. Verbi

beagle englanniksi

  1. A small short-legged smooth-coated scenthound, often tricolored and sometimes used for hunting hares. Its friendly disposition makes it suitable as a family pet.

  2. A person who snoops on others; a detective.

  3. 2002, Susan Isaacs, ''Long Time No See'', page 243

  4. (..)whereas burying a body in the wooded area beyond the backyard was the quickest way to make a Nassau County Police Department beagle look good.
  5. A bailiff.

  6. A small kind of shark.

  7. To hunt with beagles.

  8. 1933, Charles Pascoe Hawkes, ''Heydays: a salad of memories and impressions'', page 20

  9. (..) reading men who beagled for fresh air and exercise, impecunious hunting men who beagled for economy(..)
  10. To search.

  11. 1997, Fletcher Pratt, ''A Short History of the Civil War: Ordeal by Fire'', page 150

  12. (..)Pope clapped his hand to his forehead and beagled like a maniac; he had clean forgotten Thorofare Gap.
  13. beagle (gloss)

  14. beagle (dog)

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  17. beagle