1. rahvaanomainen, moukkamainen

  2. rivo, vulgaari

  3. kielitiede alatyylinen

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  1. siveetön, säädytön, karkea, moukkamainen, raaka, rahvaanomainen, alatyylinen, epämuodollinen, arkikielinen, jokapäiväinen, kansanomainen, kansankielinen, alhaissukuinen, yksinkertainen, rahvas.

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alatyylinen, rahvaanomainen

sivistymätön debased Debased, uncouth, distasteful, obscene.
The construction worker made a vulgar suggestion to the girls walking down the street.
puhekieltä Having to do with ordinary, common people.
Bishop Fell

It might be more useful to the English reader (..) to write in our vulgar language.
The mechanical process of multiplying books had brought the New Testament in the vulgar tongue within the reach of every class.
1860, G. Syffarth, "A Remarkable Seal in Dr. Abbott's Museum at New York", Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis‎, age 265
Further, the same sacred name in other monuments precedes the vulgar name of King Takellothis, the sixth of the XXII. Dyn., as we have seen.
puhekieltä A common, ordinary person.
2016, Evan Gottlieb, Juliet Shields, Representing Place in British Literature and Culture, 1660-1830
Popular antiquarian writings (..) frequently focused on the regional vulgars' superstitious beliefs regarding the dead and their ongoing presence—such as popular funeral rites or the vulgars' fear of church yards.
common to the people, (l)
ordinary, undistinguished
popular, commonly understood, as opposed to scientific or technical
simple, unintelligent
common to the people, English vulgar
ranska putain, foutu (m), abruti (m), crétin (m), andouille (f), tête de nœud (f), se masturber, se branler qualifier vulgar
saksa fick mich, im Arsch, Blödmann (m), Trottel (m), masturbieren
venäjä ёб! qualifier vulgar, блядь! qualifier vulgar, ёб твою́ мать! qualifier vulgar, ёбаный в рот! qualifier vulgar, пизде́ц! qualifier vulgar, охуе́ть! qualifier vulgar, накры́ться пиздо́й qualifier vulgar equivalent phrase, lit.: "to be covered with a cunt", тупи́ца (m) (f), приду́рок (m), деби́л (m), долбоёб (m) qualifier vulgar, муда́к (m) qualifier vulgar, муди́ло qualifier vulgar, ебла́н (m) qualifier vulgar, мудозво́н (m) qualifier vulgar, дрочи́ть, мастурби́ровать
kreikka αυνανισμός (m)
italia farsi una sega qualifier vulgar
ruotsi runka, masturbera


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voyeuristi, vulgaari, vulgaarilatina, vulgaaristaa, vulgarismi, vulgarisoida

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