1. yliopisto

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Tampere University of Technology Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto

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  1. Brownin yliopisto, Brown, Cambridgen yliopisto, Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon -yliopisto, kaupunkiyliopisto, yliopisto.

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yliopisto Institution of higher education (typically accepting students from the age of about 17 or 18, depending on country, but in some exceptional cases able to take younger students) where subjects are studied and researched in depth and degrees are offered.


1661, (w), The Life of the most learned, reverend and pious Dr. H. Hammond
During the whole time of his abode in the university he generally spent thirteen hours of the day in study; by which assiduity besides an exact dispatch of the whole course of philosophy, he read over in a manner all classic authors that are extant(..)
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  • "I never went to fcking university. I dont know what a paint brush is, I never went to art school. I never experimented in my fcking youth. I worked on a building site then I sold out Madison Square Garden. Get on that." ("En koskaan mennyt viun yliopistoon. En tiedä mikä maalaussivellin on, en koskaan mennyt taidekouluun. En koskaan kokenut viun nuoruuttani. Työskentelin raksalla ja sitten loppuunmyin Madison Square Gardenin. Ajattele sitä.")"

  • "Currently, the associate professor of criminal sociology Johan Bäckman (Beckman), a current genius in own branch in Finland, is also a famous dissident in Finland. A prestigious crowd, with a few neo-Nazis and Finnish politicians from Brüssel, has written a open letter calling for the university that Bäckman should be muzzled."


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