1. myrsky, rajuilma



  1. myrsky, rajuilma, levottomuus, hälinä, häiriö, rauhattomuus, mylläkkä, mekkala, metakka, äläkkä, hulabaloo, älämölö, sekasorto, häly.

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myrsky, rajuilma A storm, especially one with severe winds.
(quote-book) frown, my thoughts are calm; / Then ſtrike, Affliction, for thy wounds are balm. Attributed to (w) (1616–1704).
1847, (w), Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas, ch. 16:

As every sailor knows, a spicy gale in the tropic latitudes of the Pacific is far different from a tempest in the howling North Atlantic.
Any violent tumult or commotion.
1914, (w), "One Officer, One Man":
They awaited the word "forward"—awaited, too, with beating hearts and set teeth the gusts of lead and iron that were to smite them at their first movement in obedience to that word. The word was not given; the tempest did not break out.
puhekieltä A fashionable social gathering; a drum.


puhekieltä To storm.
puhekieltä To disturb, as by a tempest.
1667, w:John Milton|John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VII:
. . . the seal
And bended dolphins play; part huge of bulk,
Wallowing unwieldy, enormous in their gait,
Tempest the ocean.
1811, w:Percy_Bysshe_Shelley Percy Bysshe Shelley, "The Drowned Lover," in Poems from St. Irvyne:
Oh! dark lowered the clouds on that horrible eve,
And the moon dimly gleamed through the tempested air.
(l) (storm)


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