1. [ sviÆ tai suiÆ] musiikki eräs jazzin tyylisuunta.

  2. Urheilu = svingi

Katso myös: svingi


yks. nom. swing, yks. gen. swingin, yks. part. swingiä, yks. ill. swingiin, monikossa: mon. gen. swingien, monikossa: mon. part. swingejä, monikossa: mon. ill. swingeihin.



  1. liikkuminen, liikahdus, liike, keinahdus, keinuminen, heilahtelu, heiluminen, häilyvyys, heilahdus, isku, veto, lyönti, golflyönti, golfsvingi, swingi, alasheilahdus, slice, fade, slicing, hukki, kierrelyönti.

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svengata puhekieltä To rotate about an off-centre fixed point.

The plant swung in the breeze.

1912, (w), (w), Chapter 12
With one accord the tribe swung rapidly toward the frightened cries, and there found Terkoz holding an old female by the hair and beating her unmercifully with his great hands.
puhekieltä To dance.
puhekieltä To ride on a swing.

The children laughed as they swung.

puhekieltä To participate in the w:swinging swinging lifestyle; to participate in wife-swapping.
puhekieltä To hang from the gallows.
puhekieltä to move sideways in its trajectory.
puhekieltä To fluctuate or change.

It wasnt long before the crowd's mood swung towards restless irritability.''

puhekieltä To move (an object) backward and forward; to wave.

He swung his sword as hard as he could.

puhekieltä To change (a numerical result); especially to change the outcome of an election.
puhekieltä To make (something) work; especially to afford (something) financially.

If it’s not too expensive, I think we can swing it.

puhekieltä To play notes that are in pairs by making the first of the pair slightly longer than written (augmentation) and the second, resulting in a bouncy, uneven rhythm.
puhekieltä (qualifier) to make the ball move sideways in its trajectory.
puhekieltä To move one's arm in a punching motion.
puhekieltä In dancing, to turn around in a small circle with one's partner, holding hands or arms.

"to swing ones partner", or simply "to swing"''

puhekieltä To admit or turn something for the purpose of shape shaping it; said of a lathe.

The lathe can swing a pulley of 12 inches diameter.

puhekieltä To put (a door, gate, etc.) on hinges so that it can swing or turn.
puhekieltä To turn round by action of wind or tide when at anchor.

A ship swings with the tide.

The manner in which something is swung.


A line, cord, or other thing suspended and hanging loose, upon which anything may swing.
(senseid) A hanging seat in a children's playground, for acrobats in a circus, or on a porch for relaxing.
A dance style.
puhekieltä The genre of music associated with this dance style.
The amount of change towards or away from something.
puhekieltä In an election, the increase or decrease in the number of votes for opposition parties compared with votes for the incumbent party.

The polls showed a wide swing to Labour.

puhekieltä sideways Sideways movement of the ball as it flies through the air.
The diameter that a lathe can cut.
In a musical theater production, a performer who understudy understudies several roles.
A basic dance step in which a pair link hands and turn round together in a circle.
Capacity of a turning lathe, as determined by the diameter of the largest object that can be turned in it.
puhekieltä Free course; unrestrained liberty.
Take thy swing.
To prevent anything which may prove an obstacle to the full swing of his genius.
puhekieltä A type of hook with the arm more extended.
English swing (all senses)
English swing (music and dance style; golf swing)
(l) (gloss)


  • "Batter swing!(Lyöjä heilauttaa.)"


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