1. tällainen, tämänkaltainen

  2. tuollainen

  3. sellainen, semmoinen, senkaltainen

  4. moinen

  5. (ennen attribuuttista adjektiivia) niin, miten (lievästi hämmästellen)

Esimerkkejä such sanan käytöstä:

~ a beautiful day niin kaunis päivä



  1. paljon, moinen, niin kaunis, niin kova, niin suuri, sellainen, vahvistin, vahvistussana, kovin, ylen.

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niin kova, niin suuri, niin kaunis

sellainen, moinen puhekieltä Like this, that, these, those; used to make a comparison with something implied by context.


(quote-book)|title=The Mirror and the Lamp
{{quote-magazine|title=A better waterworks|date=2013-06-01|volume=407|issue=8838
puhekieltä Any.
Used as an intensifier; roughly equivalent to very much of.
(RQ:RJfrs AmtrPqr)
They burned the old gun that used to stand in the dark corner up in the garret, close to the stuffed fox that always grinned so fiercely. Perhaps the reason why he seemed in such a ghastly rage was that he did not come by his death fairly. Otherwise his pelt would not have been so perfect. And why else was he put away up there out of sight?—and so magnificent a brush as he had too.(nb..).
puhekieltä A certain; representing the object as already particularized in terms which are not mentioned.
(w) (1562-1619)
In rushed one and tells him such a knight / Is new arrived.
(w), (w) iv.13:
To-day or to-morrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year.
A person, a thing, people{{, or things like the one or ones already mentioned.
1804, Joseph Addison, Richard Steele, The Tatler, C. Whittingham, John Sharpe, page 315:
These oraculous proficients are day and night employed in deep searches for the direction of such as run astray after their lost goods : but at present they are more particularly serviceable to their country in foretelling the fate of such as have chances in the public lottery.
2000, Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen (ISBN 0312867867), page 238:
Some are just no-good locals—drunks and such—who’d just as soon beg or steal as work.
puhekieltä Something being indicated that is similar to something else.
1991, Frank A. Lewis, Substance and Predication in Aristotle
But granted that Plato does not accept the this-such distinction, why saddle him with the view that all things are thises, rather than all suches or perhaps even neither?
(inflection of)


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subtrooppinen, subventio, subventoida, subventointi, sudeettisaksalainen, sudeettisavolainen

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