1. säkenöivä

  2. hiilihapollinen (juomasta)



  1. kirkas, tähtikirkas, säkenöivä, loistava, muutos, välke, välkkyminen, tuike.

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helmeilevä, kupliva

säkenöivä, loistava

välkkyminen (present participle of)
Of an object, reflecting light as if giving off tiny sparks.
Of a beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage, containing dissolved carbon dioxide (either naturally or that has been added) that comes out of solution in the form of many tiny bubbles.
puhekieltä Brilliant and vivacious.
(quote-journal)|date=30 October 2014|passage=While we know – because the script tells us so – that the people we are watching are in love and in pain and in trouble, they never come across as more than dispensers of sparkling aperçus.
Act or appearance of something that sparkles; a sparkle; a gleam.
Nathaniel John Hollingsworth

Bright are the sparklings that beam from the dew.
A sparkling wine.
2011, Michael Cooper, 100 Must-try New Zealand Wines (page 208)
Wines like this struggle to stand out on the show circuit, where the judges are more likely to be searching for sparklings designed in the classic Champagne mould.


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